A feed in your pocket without the social network!

Libro Bookmarks is your feed without the social network. If you’ve ever wished you could save links, articles, or images privately to your phone for your own use without having to post it to a social network, this is the app for you!

When you save something to Libro, it does not post it to a social network or even a server in the cloud. Your content is shared privately just to your phone and made available offline so you can come back to it later without an internet connection!

A Beautiful Feed

Your posts are saved as a beautiful material design feed.

Everything Offline

Libro saves everything for you so you can read it later - even without an internet connection!

Your Notes

Take your own notes or write notes about the posts you save. Everything is full-text searchable! (premium only)

Tablet Optimized

Libro Bookmarks is tablet optimized and supports 7, 9, and 10-inch tablets. Also, it has full support for Android 7.0’s mutli-window functionality.